DCAF 2013

Motown Medley – Various Artists

Soloists: Alex Pelle, Jackie Kalan, Lindsay Lee, Taylor Perz, Daniel Breland, Phil Dearing, Reagan Lawn, Josh Levitt, Maddie Josef, Nick Oki, Enushé Khan

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Soloist: Jinwoo Chong

Arranger: Lindsay Lee

Heart Attack – Demi Lovato

Soloists: Daniel Breland, Enushé Khan

Arranger: Jackie Kalan

Royals – Lorde

Soloist:  Jackie Kalan

Arranger: John Roach

Creep – Radiohead

Soloists: Alexandra Waldon, Alex Field

Arrangers: John Roach, Nick Oki, Lindsay Lee, Jackie Kalan

Counting Stars – OneRepublic

Soloist: Ed Crotty

Arrangers: Reagan Lawn, Phil Dearing


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